Our Editing Services Include:

We will edit your manuscript, academic paper, or resume, and provide feedback about content, grammar, and word choice. Our staff have extensive experience in publishing— reading manuscript submissions, editing ad copy, technical writing, and helping students with college application essays at all levels, from high school to post graduate work.

Through this hands-on process, we can help you improve your documents and writing skills as well as provide feedback about ways to create a strong college application.

This service comes with a report highlighting issues with, and suggestions for improving the quality of your documents.

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Focal points of our editing processes include:
  • Is the document well-organized?
  • Are the paragraph transitions clear?
  • Have the criteria for the assignment been met?
  • Has each point been supported with adequate evidence? 
  • Is the information in the document relevant to the assignment?
  • Does the document have a clear introduction and a solid conclusion? 
  • Is the thesis clearly identifiable? 
  • Is there appropriate use of gender language?
  • Have citations been appropriately listed?
  • Is the document consistent with regard to style?(MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian)

The final stage of the editing process, proofreading focuses on errors in grammar and punctuation.


Spellcheckers are never foolproof. Some words (names, for example) may not be included in the spellchecker word list, and the spellchecker will not always highlight a misspelled word if the misspelled word is a valid word. (For example, if a writer types the word “here” when the intended word is “hear,” “your” instead of “you’re,” or “to” instead of “too.”


However, we are always willing to review a document, make a few suggestions with regard to content and grammar, and give an estimate on the cost of a complete edit.